Mass Stabbing Occurs In California


With the definition of a mass shooting being four or more people being shot, the events that just occurred in two different Orange County, Cali. cities could be classified as a mass stabbing.

In a crime spree that lasted 3 hours, a single man was able to stab 6 different people, kiling four of them. According to NBC LA, the suspect robbed and stabbed people in five different locations in a crime spree that was described by investigators as an “anger-filled rampage”.

The rampage began Wednesday at the apartment where the killer lived. He then proceeded to stab people at a gas station, bakery, check-cashing business, and an insurance agency. This is just another example that criminals will always find ways to harm innocent people.

According to the Crime Prevention Research Center only around .37% of adults in California have a concealed carry permit. 

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