Masks For Thee, Not For Me: Internet Calls Oregon Gov 'Hypocrite' for Ditching Mask at Party

Gabriel Hays | December 9, 2021
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Governor Kate Brown (D-OR) really prioritizes COVID safety in her home state. She’s so concerned about the pandemic that at one point earlier this year she even made Oregonians wear masks while hanging around outside even if they were vaccinated.

However, Brown’s fear of COVID seems to only exist when she’s in Oregon. Her recent trip to D.C. for a gala had people wondering whether she got over her intense fear of the virus in record time, or whether she’s a massive hypocrite. At the very least, a bunch of people noticed when Brown ditched her mask for her public appearances in D.C.. reported on December 6 that the Democrat governor attended the LGBTQ Victory Fund’s 30th anniversary gala and was photographed without a mask covering her face. 

Wow. You mean Brown’s face was visible for once? This lady has been so excited about mask-wearing, that she has worn holiday-themed ones. 

One of her public health entreaties featured her wearing a Christmas-themed mask that doubled as a literal snow globe. It made for an unnerving picture.

Despite all these over-the-top efforts she has made in her hometown, apparently she felt safe in D.C.

Critics of the governor were swift to point out her new attitude regarding masking, which to them seemed callous, especially as the Oregon Health Authority, an arm of Brown’s administration, has been discussing a potential “permanent” indoor mask mandate for the state. 

Twitter users, including libertarian account “Freckled Liberty,” tweeted, “permanent masking for me, not for thee amirite?”

Another user wrote, “She’s deliberately rubbing our nose in it at this point. This is absurd, our leaders are mocking us.”

Yet another user called out the double standard as well, saying, “Love the hypocrisy.... I guess you and your peeps really are special, huh @KateBrownForOR #MasksForTheeButNotForMe.”

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However, other users defended the governor’s decision to go maskless, saying that she was just observing the pandemic protocol in D.C. One lefty Twitter user wrote, “The Gala was held in Washington DC. There currently are no mask mandates in DC at this time.” 

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser lifted the District’s indoor mask mandate on November 22.

So, yes, technically Brown was following the rules by not wearing the mask in the nation’s capital. Though, provided her usual obsession with COVID, shouldn’t she be worried about accidentally bringing COVID back with her to her home state or vice versa? She could at least worry about that if Oregon’s in such dire straits.

At the very least, for Oregonians who have to wear masks indoors indefinitely, it sure must be aggravating to see their COVID authoritarian laughing and smiling at a party out of state and seemingly without a care in the world.