The Mask Slips: NYT Says Demanding 'Freedom' Is 'Anti-Government'

Brittany M. Hughes | July 12, 2021
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The New York Times was blasted on social media Sunday night for their caption detailing nationwide pro-Democracy protests in Cuba, in which thousands of fed-up Cubans took to the streets to protest the communist regime that’s decimated lives and left a once-prosperous country in shambles.

Tensions reached a new boiling point over the weekend on the island nation, as angry citizens marched through the streets and shouted outside government buildings against the oppressive dictatorship that's left their nation with widespread medical and food shortages. Protesters flipped police cars and raged outside communist regime facilities as government forces pushed back on the crowds, arresting countless activists and physically assaulting others.

But according to the NYT, fighting to be free is “anti-government” – or so the outlet suggested in this poorly received tweet:

Shouting “Freedom” and other anti-government slogans, hundreds of Cubans took to the streets in cities around the country on Sunday to protest food and medicine shortages, in a remarkable eruption of discontent not seen in nearly 30 years.

Twitter users were quick to point out the mask-slip, in which the NYT essentially admits they believe "freedom" is the opposite of "government," and that the two cannot co-exist.

Indeed, if wanting “freedom” is “anti-government,” then logic would dictate that being “pro-government” is synonymous with “pro-tyranny.”

(Of course, it should be pointed out that outraged Cubans weren’t shouting “anti-government” slogans so much as “anti-communism” ones – but pointing out that specificity likely wouldn’t sit well with many of the NYT’s biggest radical left-wing fans.)