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Maryland Repeals 'Rain Tax,' Virginia Grants 'Civil Immunity' to Good Samaritans


Across the U.S., new laws have been put into place, including some in and around the nation's capital.

WTOP, one of the largest radio stations in the Greater Washington D.C., area, published a handy list of new laws for the state of Maryland, the commonwealth of Virginia, and the District of Colombia.

Among the new laws that stood out the most, Virginia will now grant "civil immunity to anyone who breaks into a car to help save a child as long as the person has tried to call 911."

Virginia drivers will now be able to "cross the double yellow lines to pass pedestrians and cyclists. But drivers can get a ticket for following bicycles, motorized wheelchairs or other non-cars too closely."

Not to be outdone, Maryland increases their gas tax by 1 per cent, an increase of two cents per gallon.

But in a rare move by the state of Maryland, a tax, in this case the "rain tax," was repealed.

The nation's capital, on the other hand?

They increased the minimum wage to $10.10, one of the highest in the nation.

For a full list of the new changes, click here.

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