'The DMV Murdered Me': Trans Activists Stage 'Die-In' To Protest ID Rules

Marya Dunning | February 12, 2024
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What do Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the DMV have in common? 

Well, according to a group of trans activists, they are both guilty of murdering people who are...well, still alive.

The Florida DMV recently put out a memo stating that "trans" individuals will no longer be able to change their gender marker on their drivers’ licenses to a sex other than the biological one they were born with, and that doing so would constitute fraud. And according to Floridian trans activists, that amounts to murder.

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To protest the memo, activists staged die-in protests at Florida DMVs. They laid down, holding cardboard tombstones splattered with fake blood and displaying histrionic messages such as “The DMV murdered me” and “Ron DeSantis killed me.”

It’s funny how every single one of the people “murdered” by the DMV is still alive! 

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