Marxist Millionaire, BLM Co-Founder, Cullors Steps Down From Organization

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 28, 2021
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The Marxist “charity” Black Lives Matter Global Network announced Thursday that its co-founder and Executive Director, Patrisse Cullors, is leaving, after revelations showed what appear to be examples of towering hypocrisy on the part of this self-avowed Marxist.

As Andrew Kerr reports for The Daily Caller:

BLM Global Network did not provide an explanation in its statement Thursday for Cullors’ sudden departure. The statement said Cullors would be replaced by two senior executives who will lead the group until it ‘finds a new permanent team.’

Cullors told the Associated Press on Thursday that she is leaving BLM Global Network to focus on other projects, including the release of her second book and a multi-year Warner Bros. television deal.

Because, as you know, Marxists really, really hate the concept of private property – like owning the rights to one’s own book, or having the right to enter into contracts with entertainment giants. 

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Kerr also noted something about which I wrote for MRCTV in April: Cullors used a front corporation to acquire property worth millions of dollars:

BLM Global Network had previously offered a vigorous defense for Cullors in April after reports revealed she had purchased four homes across the country for a total of $3.2 million since 2016.

Again, because, as an avowed Marxist, she decries and eschews the idea of others owning property…

And there’s more damning information, thanks to Kerr and the work of the Daily Caller:

Cullors’ abrupt departure from the charity, which serves as the national arm of the BLM movement, came three weeks after the Daily Caller News Foundation reported that she had used her position as the charity’s leader to funnel business to an art company led by the father of her only child. Charity experts said BLM’s arrangement with the art company, Trap Heals, amounts to self-dealing and raises ethical and legal questions.

And Kerr added:

Two other activist groups co-founded and led by Cullors — Black Lives Matter PAC and Reform LA Jails — also made payments to Trap Heals under her leadership, according to campaign finance records previously reported by the DCNF.

BLM PAC paid Trap Heals $148,000 in November to co-produce an election night live stream event on her personal YouTube channel that, according to industry experts, should have cost a fraction of that price to produce, the DCNF previously reported.

So, just like Karl Marx desperately fought to get his inheritance from his father’s death in the 19thCentury, but he also called for the government to take all money from OTHER PEOPLE’S inheritances, Collurs appears to be against private property and wealth accumulation for others…

But not for herself or her loved ones.

It sure is good to see that Marxism hasn’t changed in almost 200 years.