Marine Corps Removes 206 Service Members for Not Adhering to COVID Vaccine Mandate

Nick Kangadis | January 3, 2022

It looks like it’s all or nothing when it comes to the United States Marine Corps (USMC) and their service members being vaccinated. 

It’s being reported that at least 206 Marine Corps service members have been removed for refusing to take the mandated vaccinations as ordered by the Pentagon.

About 94 percent of “active service members” are fully vaccinated, as per the Pentagon’s definition of being “fully vaccinated."

According to the Fox TV Digital Team, the Marine Corps issued a statement on the vaccination policy in place:

Any active duty Marine and Ready Reserve Marine in an active duty status who did not receive a final vaccination dose by Nov. 14 or any reserve component Marine who did not receive a final vaccination dose by Dec. 14 is considered unvaccinated. All unvaccinated Marines without a pending or approved administrative exemption, medical exemption, or religious accommodation, or appeal, will be processed for administrative separation.

Judging by the statement above, it’s not enough to get vaccinated. It’s how many shots you’ve received in order to be considered “fully vaccinated.”

I guess “following the science” that says breakthrough infections are not only more likely to occur in vaccinated individuals compared to reinfection of “previously infected individuals” is out of the question for the people constantly telling others to “follow the science.”

As reported in August 2021 by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health:

This study from Israel, available as a preprint and thus not yet peer reviewed, found that the rates of SARS-CoV-2 breakthrough infections in vaccinated individuals, while very low (highest rate = 1.5%), were significantly higher than the rates of reinfection and hospitalization in previously infected individuals. In addition, individuals who were previously infected who received one dose of the Pfizer vaccine were even more protected from breakthrough infection than the naturally infected group. There were no deaths in any of the groups examined.

So, previously infected people — whether they’ve since received the vaccination or not — have better protection against the Chinese coronavirus than those who have been “fully vaccinated” that haven’t yet contracted the virus.

It makes you wonder sometimes what all the fervor is over getting everyone, regardless of their specific circumstances, vaccinated. If you want to get vaccinated, whether your doctor agrees it’s best for you or not, get vaccinated. The problem comes in when different government entities, in this case the Marine Corps, essentially force people to undergo what amounts to a medical procedure that could alter their body chemistry.