This Marine Cancer Survivor’s Hero Is His Father

Brad Fox | April 1, 2015

“I’m going to ask you to write down the people who have meant something very special to you,” says director of the Thanklist documentary series, Barbara Kopple.

This video tells the story of a Marine named Ron who was dying from cancer at the age of thirteen, but was able to persevere with his parents' help.

“So many times I wanted to give up, but seeing my parents' face when I told them I was just going to give up, that kept me going,” says Ron in the film.

Ron’s father told him he would support him in anything he decided to do as long as it was honorable; Ron decided to join the Marines.

“I had so much joy inside, my heart had just completely swelled full of pride, because here I am being sworn into the Marines by my dad,” he says. 

Watch this truly inspiring video about the importance of family and the powerful bond between a father and his son.

In it, Ron turns to his father at the dinner table, fights back the tears, and says, "I was asked, who is my hero?. . . it’s you dad."