Man Is Told His Mom - Who DIED In February - Had COVID19 In June

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 10, 2020
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Day by day, the falsity of political claims about COVID19 becomes clearer, the reports of slippery stats, unreliable tests, false positives, outright lies, and bureaucratic SNAFUs pile up, and now, from Tennessee, comes this: a man who lost his mother in FEBRUARY just received a letter from the government telling him that she got a COVID19 test in June that had come in “positive.”

Jeni Diprizio, of KENS5-TV, reports that Millington resident Troy Whittington was confused, to say the least, by the letter the Shelby County Health Department sent to his deceased mom:

‘I'm just having a hard time understanding how they can say someone has COVID-19 when they are not even alive,’ said Whittington.

Which is a calm and understated way to approach government fraud and malfeasance piled on top of the tax thievery in which they engage every day and night.


Indeed, Whittington’s mom passed away in February, but he told Diprizio that he received a letter from the Shelby County Health Department for his mother, Sandra, reporting that she had been tested in JUNE, diagnosed as COVID positive, and needed to isolate. 

Which inspires a secondary observation – less important than noting the bogus nature of the letter, but, perhaps, worthwhile:

Even if Sandra Whittington were alive, how slow and useless does a bureaucracy have to be in order to send a note in September about a test supposedly given in June? By this time, if Mrs. Whittington had not died in February, any supposed virus in her system would have run its course. Yet the government said she needed to “isolate.”

In a tragic way, that’s already happened, because the 66-year-old woman died prior to the supposed test.

Whittington said when he called the health department, he was told she took a COVID-19 test June 20th, which was clearly impossible. She was cremated.

And, of course (probably like many others) her “positive” test was included in the fear-mongering numbers for Shelby County, TN, when it should not have been.

It's been 6 months, almost 7, since she passed away. There was no testing that was done at that time. On her death certificate it was stated she died, what the cause of death was, and it was not COVID-19. It was COPD.

Perhaps government parasites have a hard time reading acronyms. All those capital letters can be confusing, especially when they start with “C” and especially when medical centers are financially incentivized by the federal government to misdiagnose other maladies and list them as COVID19.

The Millington resident said his mom fought a long battle with COPD and was considered in stage 4 when she died in hospice at the home of a friend.

And now, her son not only has to deal with the grief of losing his mother, he has to deal with a reminder of her passing, by way of the absurd, self-promoting, and utterly false message from the Health Department claiming she was tested AFTER she died and that she has COVID19.

Wonders never cease.

And neither does the stream of fecal insults from agents of government who will not let go of their propagandistic agenda to fear-monger over the virus and inflate the numbers – even as the economy crawls due to the lockdowns that politicians impose, based on the bogus numbers.

Heartfelt condolences to Mr. Whittington and all those who have lost loved ones and friends, whatever the cause. You deserve respect, not insults and contemptuous propaganda from the bureaucrats at the Shelby County Health Department (reached HERE) who live off your productive income and foster terror among innocent people.