Man on the Street: How Do Vaccinated People Feel About Wearing Their Masks Again?

Gabriel Hays | August 4, 2021
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So, what happened? We thought getting vaccinated was our ticket out of overbearing COVID restrictions like masks, enforced social distancing and lockdown. Well, with the recent guidelines from the Center for Disease Control it seems like Summer 2021 may look a very similar to Summer 2020.

Last week, due to the CDC’s fears over the new Delta variant of the Chinese virus, the government agency made an about-face to its recommendations regarding face masks. Apparently, vaccinated people can spread this new variant and, as such, the CDC is now recommending that vaccinated people wear masks indoors.

Oh, wow, what’s next? Vaccinated people need to quarantine in their homes for 14 days after meeting someone with COVID? Do the vaccines even work? What do people who took the vaccine to be free of government recommendations and mandates think now? After all, telling people that getting vaccinated was their ticket out of masking up were incentives pushed by both President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on several occasions.

And, yet, talking heads say it’s right-wingers who are sowing COVID misinformation. Clearly, this is another obvious example of the government giving inconsistent messages on proper COVID precautions. Didn’t Fauci say that masks aren’t really effective? And now they work, because vaccines don’t work 100%. Which is probably news to many. Whatever. On an even more ridiculous note, the U.S. Surgeon General recommended that vaxxed people should wear masks outside to protect unvaccinated people.

So, now what? Will all the same overbearing COVID precautions of 2020 come back, even with a majority of the population vaccinated? We’ll see. Either way, we took to the streets of Old Town, Alexandria to see if vaccinated Americans were excited to wear their masks again. WATCH the video above to see what they said.