Man Points Gun at Breonna Taylor Protesters While they Harass Outdoor Diners in Kentucky, Five Arrested

Nick Kangadis | May 3, 2021
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It’s like the saying goes, ‘Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.’

A group of “protesters” near the Kentucky Derby felt it was appropriate to harass outdoor diners into having to listen to their “wokeness” over the weekend concerning the death of Breonna Taylor, the woman who was killed by police during a raid in March 2020.

The “activists” got more than they anticipated as not only did one of the patrons pull a firearm on the group in order to get them to back off, but five of them were arrested for various infractions, according to TMZ.

TMZ reported that the Louisville Police Department (LPD) told the outlet the following:

Five different people were booked, and the charges range from disregarding an officer's signals for directing traffic/fleeing, evading police and even hitchhiking ... to disorderly conduct, failure to disperse and possession of an open alcoholic beverage/possession of a handgun by a convicted felon.

The cops insist at least one of the protesters was also armed ... but you can't really see that in the video. The man who was clearly brandishing a gun does not appear to have been arrested.

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A couple of the people — it’s not clear whether they were protesters or not — were trying to tell the protesting harassers to “keep moving” past the restaurant.

Some of the “protesters” carried signs that reportedly said, “We haven’t forgotten Breonna.”

That’s all well and good, and it’s perfectly within their rights to demonstrate about it, but the people dining at the restaurant had nothing to do with it. It doesn’t matter whether they just want to make people “aware.” What matters is that the harassment of regular citizens isn’t condoned, and the police — and possibly a couple of the protesters — tried to convey that.

Luckily, no one was reportedly hurt.

Here’s video of the incident: