Man Made Famous for Waiting 6 Hours to Vote Arrested on 2 Counts of Voter Fraud

Abby Streetman | July 12, 2021
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The old saying “cheaters never win” is especially true for Texas voter Hervis Rogers who was used as a prop by the leftists to further their agenda. Rogers was the center of attention for left-wing news outlets in March of 2020 because he had waited almost 6 hours in line to vote for Biden in the presidential primary. 

Now, Rogers is facing two counts of illegal voting for casting ballots in the 2018 midterms and on the Super Tuesday during the 2020 Democratic Primary that gave him his 15 minutes of fame. 

On March 4, 2020, Rogers was all over CNN, MSNBC and other media sites for claiming in an interview that he waited several hours to vote in the primaries because he “felt it was his duty” and he “wasn’t going to let nothing” stop him. Of course, the only reason why this was such a big deal is because he’s a Black man who voted for Joe Biden in a red state. If he was a Trump supporter then no one would have heard his story. 

At the time, Democrats and legacy media were worshipping the man and using him to push their far-left policies. Hillary Clinton tweeted out the story and compared it to Jim Crow, saying, “A seven-hour wait to vote is a poll tax. We need to restore the Voting Rights Act and stop Republican elected officials from shutting down polling sites.” 

On Friday, Austin’s NPR station published an article suggesting that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton only decided to prosecute Rogers because of a “controversial” voting bill that was introduced in the Texas Legislature this week. But, obviously, it hasn't been passed yet and would have no effect on votes in 2020. Paxton responded to the article publicly on Twitter:

In 1995, Rogers was sentenced to 25 years in prison for burglary and intent to commit theft, when he voted in 2018 and 2020 he was still on parole for those charges and was not qualified to vote. Of course, none of the media sites that touted him as some kind of hero bothered to look into his past or, if they did, they didn’t want to expose someone who was on their side. Now they'll probably make him the poster boy for giving felons the right to vote.

The second-degree felony for illegal voting comes with up to 20 years in prison and Rogers bail was set at $100,000. Someone should ask him, was voting for Biden really worth that?

When he was interviewed last year he followed the media in trying to blame racist Republicans for the long lines and stated that “the way it was set up, it was like it was set up for me to walk away.” Well, you should have just followed the law and walked away, Rogers, then you wouldn’t be heading back to jail. 

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