Man Hands Cop Get Out of Jail Free Card to Try Avoiding Arrest

Bryan Michalek | June 29, 2017
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In Minnesota, a man tried to use a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card to see if he could get out of an arrest. But, as you might’ve suspected the card only works if you’re playing Monopoly.

Dakota County’s Mike Vai had picked up the individual during a traffic stop after discovering he had an outstanding warrant for a fifth-degree controlled substance charge, according to County Sheriff Tim Leslie.

During a search of the individual, Vai discovered a that the man had a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card from the well-known board game Monopoly. The officer posted a photo of the card and placed it on Facebook, as shown by Mashable.



Deputy Vai and the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office actually found the card pretty funny. And while it didn’t work for the man nabbed by police, he was allowed to keep the card just in case he happens to come across a similar situation in the future, or just happens to find himself in a game of Monopoly.

The man’s bail stands at $5,000 for the outstanding felony warrant, and KTLA 5 reports that Sheriff Leslie hasn’t been able to confirm whether the man has been released or is still in custody. Either way, let’s hope the man finds himself back on the right path in the future.   

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