Man Detained By Police For Open Carry

Stephen Gutowski | September 1, 2010
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I came across this video yesterday and I thought it was interesting. Apparently at a small town in Maine the police were called because somebody was openly carrying a gun around town. Here is the exchange:

After the first listen this video seems pretty simple. The police acted within the law even if they were a bit overeager to get this guy's name. Plus, who can blame the cops for wanting to know the guy's name? They got a call about him carrying a gun around and even if that's not illegal it still makes sense that they'd want some basic information about the guy.

So the guy openly carrying comes off as unreasonably uncooperative. I mean why not just give them your name so you can both be on your way? Sure you have the right to refuse to give them your name but why cause such a fuss over it?

Well, the guy openly carrying apparently had a very good reason which he gave in the comments section of his video:

2 years ago I was detained and arrested in Portland while open carrying. This was before I got my concealed weapons permit. I was arrested for Carrying a Concealed weapon. The DA dismissed my charges almost immediately. However my name was on the TV news and in the newspapers for 2 days criticizing me. I was subsequently suspended and eventually fired from my job over it. So I didn't want to give my ID because I didn't want my name in another report.

So maybe the guy did have a good reason to avoid giving his name to the police? I guess ultimately both sides acted within the law. The police didn't do anything beyond their authority and were making a good faith effort to investigate complaints from others and the guy who was open carrying knew and asserted his rights without becoming belligerent.

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