Man Brutally Assaulted While Filming Oregon Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate's Event

Stephen Gutowski | September 24, 2010
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According to a video posted online today a man was brutally assaulted by organizers of a public event featuring Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Kitzhaber. The video shows the man, and other attendees, being asked not to film the event. However, when the man would not comply with organizers' demands he has his camera smashed into his face. (h/t The Right Scoop) Disturbing:

UPDATE: Here is a screen shot of the invitation provided in the video which lists the Urban League of Portland, the African American Alliance, Emmanuel Temple Church, and the local news station KOIN 6 as being involved:

The invitation in the video appears to be taken from the website of the Urban League of Portland. Interestingly while KOIN 6 has a story claiming they would be streaming the event live, and claims one of their reporters would be moderating the event, there doesn't seem to be any mention whatsoever on the site of the brutal attack seen in the video posted above. Is KOIN 6 willfully ignoring this incident?