Man Blames Media For Panic Over Virus While Reporter was Live, 'You're All the Scum of the Earth!'


Look, folks. You should absolutely take the proper precautions in dealing with the novel coronavirus pandemic. But, the panic and hysteria that has swept the nation has become a bit much. Whether it’s social media beating you over the head with post after post about the virus or something related to it, or politicians and the media not letting a worldwide event go to waste by blaming everyone and everything that is opposite to themselves, by the end of your day you just want to yell “shut up” to it and them all.

Then there’s this guy. Remember, not all heroes wear capes.

A man in Houston was headed into a grocery store when he came across some media doing a report, and he could apparently no longer hold his tongue.

ABC 13 - Houston’s Miya Shay was live on-air when the man decided to give her and the cameraman what for over the panic the media has caused over the virus.

Take a look:

The man was both right and wrong in this instance, if you ask me. If it weren’t for China, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Sorry, not sorry, but China is absolutely to blame here.

On the other hand, the cameraman was stupid for interjecting by saying that the man was there at 6 a.m., as if that was some kind of comeback. The cameraman was there as well covering the same panic shopping that caused everyone to go shopping because of the fear that there would be nothing left. And who’ve been the ones constantly reporting on the mad rush for items at grocery stores? The media.

And after the man left Shay and the cameraman, did you notice how Shay flippantly rolled her eyes? As if the man’s concerns were unwarranted, like he was the one who was the problem. Could the man have handled himself a little better? Probably, but some people have just had enough of the panic. 

Whatever the case, people need to chill out. Take care of yourselves and your families, and don’t let others whip you up into a frenzy.

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