Maligned Fmr. Capitol Officer Says Asst. Chief Promoted After Keeping 'Vital Info' on Jan.6 from Other Officers

Nick Kangadis | March 9, 2023
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Think whatever you like about the events of January 6, 2021 — it was an insurrection, it wasn’t an insurrection. It doesn’t matter what anyone calls it, because they’re going to report what they’re told to believe anyway. In this story, however, it doesn’t matter, because clarifying the “insurrection” point won’t get former Capitol Hill Officer Tarik Johnson his job back.

During a segment from Tuesday evening’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson profiled Johnson and his story about what happened and didn’t happen on January 6.

While Johnson was reportedly responsible for “securing the certification of the [2020] election,” Assistant Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman apparently became silent about giving direction during the ordeal. When Johnson radioed in for guidance on how to protect the senators, Pittman and other high-ranking officials turned a deaf ear to the situation.

“According to Johnson, Yogananda Pittman kept vital information about the protests from frontline officers like him,” Carlson said during a narration portion of the interview.

Johnson then took it upon himself to evacuate the Senate chambers.

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The 22-year veteran of the Capitol Police went into the crowd and decided to put on a Make America Great Again [MAGA] red hat — not because he supported now former President Donald Trump — but because Johnson felt he could get through the crowd quicker if he did.

Despite Johnson being a Biden voter, the optic of him wearing the MAGA hat was enough to get him suspended from his job, which he then resigned from, losing his pension along the way.

As for Pittman? Well, “two days after January 6th,” then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) promoted her to “acting Chief of the Capitol Police.” Unironically, Pittman then became head of security at the University of California-Berkeley (UCB), which as Carlson pointed out “is right outside Pelosi’s congressional district.

For a larger portion of Johnson's interview with Carlson, watch below:

So you can take this abbreviated version of Johnson’s January 6th story one of two ways: One, you can merely take away the obvious observation that the federal government is corrupt in one way or another, and two, never cross the federal government, especially when it gets in the way of their narrative.


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