Malia Obama Interns For Lena Dunham's TV Show

Tyler McNally | July 6, 2015
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President Obama's eldest daughter has been spotted interning on the set of the HBO show Girls, where admitted child molester Lena Dunham stars and directs the dramatic comedy.

Malia Obama, who just turned 17 years old, had previously commented that she was a fan of the show when Dunham had visited the White House.

During the first episode of the series, "'Girls' managed to casually reference abortions and depict graphic nudity and sex scenes and depict characters getting high on opium."

The Sydney Morning News said of the material that Girls covers:

"None of these is anything the wider American media or political class has ever been comfortable with in general, let alone with the daughter of the president."

The Sydney Morning News also reported that Malia Obama worked and interned for Halle Berry's TV show Extant last year.