Maine Restaurant to Defy Governor's Stay at Home Order: 'It's Time to Open Back Up'

Nick Kangadis | May 1, 2020
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Maybe I'm just losing it from having to stay at home under the order of Governor Blackface - er, Gov. Ralph Northam - but I think we need more people like Maine restaurateur Rick Savage around. You'll see why.

It looks as though business owners in Maine have had enough of staying at home, despite Democratic Gov. Janet Mills extending the state's stay at home order this past Tuesday through May 31. One of those people is Savage, the owner of the Sunday River Brewing Company restaurant in Bethel.

Savage joined Fox News' Tucker Carlson on his program Thursday evening to talk about his plan to defy Mills' order on Friday, May 1. Carlson asked Savage why he plans to open even though it's technically going to be an illegal action under the extended order.

"Well the order originally started, it was May 1st, and we were gearing up for that," Rick Savage said. "We did what we were supposed to do. We closed for six weeks, we cooked for the community, we went right through our whole restaurant, remodeled it, cleaned it and it’s time to open back up."

Savage also intimated that it should be up to the people as to whether or not they want to visit certain establishments.

"If people feel comfortable coming in, come in," Savage told Carlson. "If they don't feel comfortable, call us and we'll deliver it to your car."

Savage said that he even tried to get in touch with Mills to work out a compromise, but hasn't had much success to this point:

We've tried to call the governor. You can't even get a hold of them. The lawmakers are left in the dark, both Republicans and Democrats. She's doing this all rogue on her own. So we've had enough of it. We're encouraging all businesses in Maine to open up. We should've never been shut down in the first place.

It might behoove Mills to reconsider the order for businesses considering that "one in every seven people in the state of Maine is now unemployed," according to a statistic Carlson posited at the top of the segment.

For Carlson's interview with Savage, watch below: