Maine Gov. Orders National Guard To 'Fill In' At Clinics Short Workers Due to HER Vax Mandates

P. Gardner Goldsmith | December 15, 2021

Sometimes, the perverse act of engaging on rhetorical “flourishes,” intentionally excluding important information, or slightly changing the meaning of words can have a small deleterious effect on the world, sometimes it can have a massive effect. But, either way, engaging in such immoral behavior eats away at one’s own moral core, and the aggregation of such behavior exposes a population that is living by lies.

Thus, we look at how both Maine Governor Janet Mills and some reporters and editors are depicting the most recent curve in the state’s healthcare downward spiral since Mills mandated that medical workers be jabbed with mRNA.

Griffin Stockford, of NewsCenterMaine (an NBC TV affiliate) reports that on Wednesday, Dec. 9, Mills announced her call-up of 75 Maine National Guard members to work in medical centers.

Gov. Janet Mills announced Wednesday that she has activated up to 75 members of the Maine National Guard to assist with capacity challenges at hospitals across the state.

How, precisely, that will really help people remains to be seen. Stockford continues:

This comes amid a sustained surge of COVID hospitalizations in the state. As of Wednesday, the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported a record-high 379 people hospitalized with COVID in Maine.

All of which is correct, though the most recent update sees a slightly smaller number. This is a significant increase and can be seen as such by comparing that number to 131 in May, but it seems less dramatic when compared to the 200 hospitalized in January, and it all seems a bit hard to grasp when one is aware of the fact that, literally, no COVID case numbers can be trusted, because the federal government subsidizes medical facilities to overcount COVID-19.

But, we’ll put that aside for a moment, even though it’s incredibly important when considering the overall “pandemic” narrative we have heard for going on two years.

The key is what is NOT being reported. So, for example, we see this from Stockford’s piece:

'I am activating the Maine National Guard, and, in consultation with our health care systems, will be deploying them to expand our hospitals’ ability to treat people with COVID and other serious medical conditions,' Mills said. 'I do not take this action lightly, but we must take steps to alleviate the strain on our health care system and ensure care for all those who need it.'

The orientation of this rhetoric is that Mills “must” take steps to alleviate the strain - but the increased number of patients is only part of the picture.

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What is being missed is that Mills, herself, is responsible for a staffing shortage in medical facilities across the entire state.

In August, she ordered medical workers be jabbed by October 1 or lose their jobs.

By September, medical corporations in the state already were experiencing staffing shortages due to employees voluntarily leaving rather than waiting for the jab deadline, and those medical centers were anticipating more drastic shortages.

By November, The Maine Policy Institute reported that Mills’ mandate pushed 10 percent of state-located health care professionals out of work.

Yet neither Mills nor NewsCenterMaine’s Stockford bother to mention this fact.

Why the silence? Why is it that when government mandates backfire and lead to what free market critics warned would happen – that being a decrease in capacity and response capability – this is somehow not part of the picture? It’s almost as if Mills and some members of the auspicious “media” in Maine don’t want people to know, or connect cause and effect.

How strange.

But, of course, the way most politicians have smothered our rights and the way many politically-incentivized, politically-driven media figures have covered for their authoritarian behavior have comprised the majority of our strange experiences for nearly two years.

Only through independent means and personal information-sharing will we get the facts.

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