Magazine Hails the 'Triumph of the Beta Male,' and Gets Relentlessly Mocked

Brittany M. Hughes | March 7, 2018
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The Hollywood Reporter went public with their latest magazine cover Wednesday, a disturbing visual that features four “beta males” with their hands stuffed in each others pockets.


The linked article refers to the show Silicon Valley, a HBO show by Beavis and Butt-head creator Mike Judge about a bunch of computer nerds who live and work in…well, Silicon Valley. From what I can gather, it's a Big Bang Theory knock-off that didn't make it as big.

Now granted, I’ve never watched the show. I’m probably not going to. Maybe it’s good, I have no idea.

But whatever commentary the Hollywood Reporter was attempting to offer on the show’s upcoming fifth season (I Googled), it got lost in the absolutely ridiculous photo they chose for their cover – a photo that, unsurprisingly, led to them getting relentlessly mocked on Twitter by a public who immediately saw the cover so further proof of the Hollywood left’s all-out war on "toxic masculinity."


Look, I'm good with shows about nerds. I liked the Big Bang Theory, back when it made sense. And I've been known to watch a Star Trek episode or two, myself.

But a quick note to Hollywood, in their grand attempt to make piles of money: women, by and large, don't like beta males.

Men don't like beta males. In fact, most beta males don't even like themselves.

And, apparently, neither does Twitter.