Maduro Sends Troops to Venezuelan Markets to Prevent 'Economic War' Over Food Shortages

Caleb Tolin | June 21, 2018
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Soaring inflation and “greedy businesspeople” have caused Socialist Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to send troops to about 100 different markets across the country to control the price of food.

The Venezuelan currency, the bolivar, has been plummeting in value for quite a while. So Maduro wants to use MORE government to regulate these markets, because that is definitely 100 percent the best way to handle a tanking economy.

According to the BBC, in May inflation hit 24,600 percent. The government made a move to triple the minimum wage to try and help, but the people of Venezuela are still starving and leaving their homes by the thousands.

Maduro blames international sanctions for the disaster of an economy in Venezuela rather than properly putting the blame on his predecessor, Hugo Chavez, and himself for taking control of the once thriving oil industry in Venezuela.

Maduro thinks “the take-over of the municipal markets has been a huge success” And he blames all of the recent rise in inflation on "mafiosi, wholesalers, thieves and capitalists” in the markets who have since been arrested.

Tareck El Aissami, the minister for industry and production, reinforced Maduro’s statements saying the soldiers found “price speculation, hoarding and fraudulent price manipulation” in the markets.

The UN Human Rights Council predicts about 5,000 Venezuelans are leaving the country by the day. About 1.5 million have fled the country entirely with a 2000% increase in asylum claims.

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