Madison Rising To Perform In Dallas, TX This Saturday to Promote Second Amendment Rights and Awareness

Madison Rising | January 15, 2013
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#1 best selling pro-American rock band, Madison Rising, will be performing a special concert this Saturday, January 19th (Gun Appreciation Day) in Dallas, TX to raise awareness for Second Amendment rights.

As a result of the band’s deeply rooted pro-American and pro-Constitutional stance, Madison Rising has been named as the official band for both Gun Appreciation Day ( and Take Control of Gun Control Week ( Both efforts attempt to galvanize support for gun rights, which have been under constant attack over the past several weeks as hyper-vocal groups on the Left shamelessly exploit the deaths of innocent children to promote their personal agenda to slowly but continually disarm law-abiding American citizens.

“It’s no surprise that tyrants are obsessed with eliminating the only thing that can keep tyranny under control,” said Richard Mgrdechian, Madison Rising’s manager. “They can try to vilify gun owners all they want, but at the end of the day, these are the exact same people that the Constitution was designed to protect against. The names and faces may chance, but human nature never will. Our song Right To Bear ( sums up exactly why the Second Amendment exists, and we are proud that it’s quickly becoming the ultimate rock anthem for gun rights in this country.”

Earlier this summer, Madison Rising successfully completed its One Million Star Spangled Banner YouTube Challenge, and immediately re-launched the campaign as the Five Million Star Spangled Banner Challenge ( This ambitious goal of reaching five million views on a single YouTube video is nearly unprecedented for an independent recording artist, but with nearly 3.3 million unique views to date, the band is confident they will achieve it.

The exact time and venue for the performance has not yet been announced.

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