Madison Rising Offers Romney a Musical Alternative

Madison Rising | August 22, 2012
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Patriotic rock band Madison Rising announced that it has officially endorsed Mitt Romney for President and has and offered the campaign and related PACs full use of their catalogue of pro-American music for radio and television commercials, as well as campaign rallies free of charge. Madison Rising’s offer comes on the heels the Romney presidential campaign receiving a cease and desist letter from the band Silversun Pickups with respect to their song "Panic Switch."

“It’s time politicians start using music that reflects their values,” said Madison Rising lead singer, Dave Bray a former US Navy Corpsman. "Use our song, ‘American Dream,’ use ‘Rally The Youth’, use ‘Before The Hyphens Came.’ If you don’t want to use any of those, at least use our version of ‘The Star Spangled Banner.’ It’s a song everyone knows and we’ve re-worked it in an absolutely unique way, while staying as true and respectful to the original version as possible.”

Madison Rising’s rock rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" recently reached #1 in several key musical categories on and the band itself has launched its One Million Star Spangled Banner Challenge. The Challenge offers Americans across the country a fun, simple and meaningful way to show their patriotism by watching the band’s new video and downloading their rendition of the National Anthem directly to their iPods and other devices to play in their cars, at the gym, at the beach or anywhere else they want. The goal of the Challenge is to reach one million views & downloads by Election Day (November 6th). With nearly 500,000 views on YouTube, the band is well on its way to meeting that goal.

Madison Rising’s debut album has already ranked in the top 100 selling rock albums on Amazon and iTunes and has legions of dedicated fans all over the country. The band promotes the principles of liberty, independence, smaller government and personal responsibility. Their mission is not only to make great music, but also send a message that American culture is alive and well. Madison Rising is currently recording its second album and preparing to launch a national tour.

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