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Maddow on Kennedy's Retirement: 'Abortion Will Be Illegal in Half of the U.S.' Within a Year


Rachel Maddow’s outrage never fails to excite me. And this time, I actually hope she’s right for once.

MSNBC had the primetime host call in on Wednesday afternoon to get her reaction to Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement announcement that shocked the nation.

Maddow discussed the fate of abortion “rights” in light of Kennedy’s decision, which allows President Trump the opportunity to appoint a second judge to the Supreme Court.

She went a step further and said that abortions will be made illegal in at least half of the United States within a year of Kennedy's retirement. 

“Democrats and Progressives and centrists will be focused on the fact that Anthony Kennedy is very probably the reason we have abortion rights in this country,” Maddow said. “I think within a year abortion will be illegal in half of the United States.”

Wow! Maddow may be overreacting, as she often does, but for the sake of the millions of innocent unborn children who have been slaughtered under the supervision of the government since Roe vs. Wade, I pray she’s right.

(Cover Photo: JD Lasica - Flickr)

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