Lynch Meeting Suggests Bill Actually WANTS Hillary in Jail

Craig Bannister | July 4, 2016

Maybe, we’ve been going at this all wrong. Instead of futilely trying to rationalize how Bill Clinton thought he was helping Hillary by meeting with the attorney general, perhaps we should be looking at what his behavior actually suggests.

Just what kind of husband would Bill Clinton be if he DIDN’T ask Attorney General Loretta Lynch to keep his wife out of jail?

If he spent a half-hour chatting with the woman who holds his wife’s fate in her hands and failed to bring it up, it would appear he’s not particularly interested in keeping Hillary out of the slammer.

For that matter, as an accomplished attorney (albeit, a disbarred one – but, not for incompetence) he had to know that meeting with Lynch would jeopardize his wife’s chances of going free. And, if he did know better, why would he do it anyway, if he truly wanted her to stay out of jail?

So, then, why would he meet with Lynch like this?

Looks like it must be one of these two things:

  1. He knew better, but he thought he could get away with it, or
  2. He knew it would increase her chances of going to jail, and did it anyway

In the first case, his arrogance trumped his concern for his wife's well-being and he didn’t care he might hurt her prospects of beating the rap. And, how could an ex-president surrounded by a security detail think he could pull off a secret meeting with another high-profile figure at a public airport without being spotted - right there in plane sight?

In the second case, why would he do something to increase his wife's chances of going to jail - unless he actually wanted to get her out of the way?

Think about it: if Hillary was in the pen, Bill would have even more freedom to cheat on her without scrutiny - and, maybe, even get a little sympathy in the process for having to look beyond his wife for female companionship.

So, Lynch might actually be telling the truth when she says Bill only talked about his grandkids and golf – and it went something like this:

“You know, I’d have a lot more time to spend with my grandkids and play golf if I didn’t have to campaign for Hillary.”

Plus, it’s hard to believe someone nicknamed “Bubba” actually wants to be the first male First Lady and have to spend his days planting arugula in the White House garden and preaching to pre-school girls about how men hate them and want to keep them down.

"Ockam’s Razor" suggests the simplest explanation is to be preferred, because it requires the fewest assumptions.

So, which motive for Bill meeting with Lynch seems the most likely? I know what Logician and Friar William of Ockam would say.