LTC West: The Tyrannical Left Is Like The Borg

MRCTV Contributor | October 16, 2018

We saw the real ugliness of the liberal progressive media, via CNN, when Don Lemon and his guest mocked Kanye West. As a proud, conservative black man, to hear references such as “Kanye West is what happens when negroes don’t read” was disgusting, appalling, and utterly offensive. To hear another of Lemon’s guests assert that there must be a mental condition for taking a position opposite of the dogma of the left was horrific. However, this is something that has been happening for quite some time in the black community, but this past week, it took a very public, open, stage. Even Saturday Night Live could not resist in making the Kanye West Oval Office visit the brunt of its jokes.

But there is something far more serious going on that we can no longer dismiss. That is the tyranny of the collective. It's like 'The Borg' from Star Trek.

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