LTC West: Left Will Embrace Anyone To Support Their Hate-Trump Agenda

MRCTV Contributor | May 22, 2018
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In the past week we witnessed the levels to which the leftist media will stoop in their quest for negative coverage of President Trump.

Imagine the liberal, progressive media producer who took footage of President Trump meeting with law enforcement and elected officials from California, who stand against sanctuary policies, and manipulated it. Yes, the infamous feigned outrage and unrighteous indignation centered on the supposed reference, by President Trump, of immigrants being “animals.” We now know that the whole episode was another example of “fake news” as the full footage reflects a discussion on the vile, vicious, savage, and barbaric Honduran/El Salvadoran gang, MS-13. If one is honest and realizes the brutal manner of MS-13, a gang known for their raping and hacking to death, by machete, of their victims, then yes, the proper reference for this gang is “animals.”