LTC West: Kavanaugh, Trump, and Northam - A Comparative Assessment

West | February 4, 2019
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It seems that there was a very disturbing 1984 yearbook photo from Governor Ralph Northam’s medical school that has a picture of two young men, one in black face and the other in full Ku Klux Klan regalia. The picture is on Ralph Northam’s yearbook page. Initially the Governor came out and offered an apology and accepting that he was one of the two pictured. Then Northam comes out on Saturday saying he is not  - and presenting us with the Michael Jackson excuse.

Governor Northam is being now condemned and even leaders in the State and National Democrat party and demanding his resignation. Perhaps Governor Northam is betting on what we all know to be true, that the liberal progressive news media, and cycle, will kill this story. But there is a greater concern for the State and National Democrat party, and it is all about hypocrisy.

This episode could not have happened at a worse time. Here it was the first day of Black History Month, and these pictures are revealed. And let’s be honest, there are those of us who know the real history of the Democrat party with the black community in America. What a horrific optic to deal with currently, reminding people, not just Blacks, of the scarred history the party of the Donkey has with Black America.

These pictures from Governor Northam’s medical school yearbook page come on the heels of his very controversial statement about what can only be deemed as support for infanticide, a sentiment shared by New York Governor Cuomo. When one ponders the intersection of racism and abortion, well, it leads to an organization founded by a white supremacist and racist, one who spoke at Ku Klux Klan rallies. Someone who referred to Blacks as “undesirables” and “weeds”, that person is Margaret Sanger, and the organization is Planned Parenthood. Funny thing, even Planned Parenthood released a statement asking Northam to resign, guess they are trying to cover their six.

I am not seeking to be political here but stating an obvious truth. The Democrat party in America is facing a major crisis, and the optics are not good at all.