LTC West: America Is an Arena of Opportunity, Take a Chance to Become a Champion


Someone once quipped a few years back that “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” My question is simple: why would anyone want to fundamentally transform that true grit, the indomitable, entrepreneurial drive and determination, the abject courage to mount upon a 2,000-pound, massive animal and ride it for 8 seconds? The answer is very simple: there are those who hide within the elite closets and never come to know and experience, America.


America is not about Hollywood “A-Listers” who tend to believe that their values are all that matter. They are the ones who look down their noses at the folks who were there in droves, and still are, in Las Vegas. They would castigate and demonize the gathering of Cowboys and Cowgirls in Las Vegas as something far beneath their cultural elitism, simple rubes. They would look upon the real Americans at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo and denigrate them as being out of touch, possessing antiquated principles and values such as faith, family, and, well, love of country. However, as it states in the Bible, these are the salt of the earth, people who make America great. They are the ones who teach their children and grandchildren to respect their elders and honor the American flag. These are the people who, some of them, raise their own to be the next generation of Cowboys and Cowgirls, daring to mount the horse and live life to its fullest, as they define it to be. That, sadly, is not understood by those Hollywood elites.


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