Louis Farrakhan: 'Satanic Jews...Have Infected the Whole World With Poison and Deceit'

Nick Kangadis | June 8, 2018
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For those that might need a bit more confirmation that Nation of Islam (NOI) Leader Louis Farrakhan is bat-shit crazy, here you go.

Farrakhan spoke at the Mosque Maryam in Chicago recently and delivered a hate-filled three-hour sermon entitled, “Unmasking Satan.”

FYI, Farrakhan really doesn’t like the Jewish population. His hate for Jews borders on fanatical.

The 85-year-old “Honorable Minister” of the NOI at one point conflated Jews with the #MeToo movement.

“A righteous Jew will practice righteousness; the false Jew will lead you to filth and indecency,” Farrakhan said, according to the Weekly Standard. “That’s who runs show business, that’s who runs the record industry, that’s who runs television. And in that, there are Jews that have no respect and now they are being outed with the #MeToo Movement.”

Now don't let Farrakhan's comparison of "a righteous Jew" and "the false Jew" mislead you. This is the same guy who once said that Jews have "mastered civilization now, but they’ve mastered it in evil."

Farrakhan even said that “women are tired of being misused by men in power.” That’s rich coming from someone who is a leader in a religion that has constantly “misused” women.

But, those statements were flowery compared to what else Farrakhan said. Get a load of this:

Aww, he seems so sweet! Yes, that’s sarcasm.

Farrakhan is a small-minded, hateful little man who wants to see the extermination of a group of people. Why is it that all the people who think other people should be arrested for “hate speech” suddenly put their heads in the sand whenever this monster spews his brand of hatred?

Oh well. Another day, another glaring instance of hypocrisy. 

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