Loudoun County Schools: Parents Fight To ‘Unmask’ Gaslighting and Dishonesty

Jessica Kramer | February 21, 2022
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The Loudoun County School Board has quickly changed its position on mask mandates after the courts and lawmakers supported Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s move to make masks an optional choice for parents.

Executive Director of Fight For Schools, Ian Prior, tells MRCTV the change in direction by Superintendent Scott Ziegler, doesn’t seem indicative of a change of heart.

“Yeah, I mean, it sure was a change. And it's interesting because just last week, Superintendent Ziegler was at the Board of Supervisors for a budget hearing where he said that, oh, it was only 200 parents or so that are making all this noise. So it doesn't seem like he's certainly respecting their choice,” Prior said.

“And of course, they were suspending students for this reason. And then they sent out an email explaining to principals how they could press charges in front of a magistrate to get a trespassing charge for students who came to school that were suspended for not wearing masks.

So as usual from Superintendent Ziegler, Loudoun County Public Schools, a lot of gaslighting, a lot of straw man arguments and a lot of dishonesty.”

Watch the complete interview with Prior in the video above.

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