Lots of Liberals Think Last Night's Impeachment Vote Means Trump Is Leaving Office

Brittany M. Hughes | December 19, 2019
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A whole lot of leftists are celebrating this morning over the impeachment of President Donald Trump, delivered in a late night Wednesday vote by the House, because they think it means Trump is leaving office.


To those who managed to stay awake through Civics 101, impeachment does not equal removal from office. That’s the Senate’s job – a job House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is currently trying to stall because she knows the Senate’s current Republican majority is highly, highly unlikely to boot Trump from the Oval Office.

But apparently, quite a few liberal Americans were sick the day they taught “basic Constitutional procedure,” tweeting loud and proud that Trump was officially vacating the presidency. Here are just a few of the literally thousands of Twitter users jumping the gun - starting with liberal activist darling Alyssa Milano.


Unfortunately, the Constitution doesn't simply change according to what liberals want - no matter how much the House tries to make it so. So, Trump?

Still president, guys. Still president.

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