Longtime Kenosha Business Owner on Destruction of Family Business: 'Why Did We Deserve This?'

Nick Kangadis | August 25, 2020
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It’s really sad. Imagine being the owner of a family business that’s been around for decades only to have your American dream torched and destroyed because of a controversial police-involved shooting that happened in your town. You didn’t know the person that was shot, the rioters and looters didn’t know the alleged victim either and they really don’t care who you are or what your business means to the community.

On-the-ground reporter for Blaze TV Elijah Schaffer has been and still is in Kenosha, Wisconsin to cover the criminal unrest plaguing the city following the shooting of Jacob Blake during an altercation with police. Blake is alive, but is reportedly paralyzed.

During his extensive coverage of Kenosha during the daytime, which of course sees the cowards that torched that town in hiding until nightfall, Schaffer spoke with a clearly distraught local business owner on Tuesday who was assessing the damage to his establishment.

“What I see I was not prepared for,” the man told Schaffer. “I knew it was going to be a disaster, but I didn’t know what a disaster looked like until I saw it.”

After telling Schaffer about how his business was started by his parents 40 years prior, and that the business has been in that particular location for 31 years, the owner spoke of the disbelief his family is feeling.

“They’re very upset about it,” the business owner continued. “It’s emotionally hurtful. But we didn’t do anything to anybody. Why did we deserve it?”

This needs to stop. The mob wields too much power without very much pushback from authorities, and the local politicians need to grow backbones or drop the “we care about peaceful protests” lie in order to return to serving the communities they were put in place to serve — if they ever did.

These are riots. There is looting. There has been very little, if any, protests in Kenosha following the Blake incident. In such a case, the actions of some can only be construed as crime, since there doesn’t seem to be much difference between that and “activism” these days.