Long-Time UCLA Doctor Fired For Refusing COVID Jab Mandate

P. Gardner Goldsmith | October 12, 2021
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In gripping video that is picking up viral steam, a seasoned anesthesiologist working for UCLA Health in California can be seen being forcibly “escorted” out of his workplace after he refused to comply with the state and federal mandates that he accept an mRNA jab, making the alliterative phrase, “no jab, no job” take on very sinister significance.

As Laura Anaya-Morga reports for the LA Times:

A UCLA anesthesiologist who is vocal about his opposition to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate was escorted out of his workplace Monday for attempting to enter the building unvaccinated.

In a video that he seemingly captured himself, Dr. Christopher B. Rake is seen being escorted out of the 200 UCLA Medical Plaza in Westwood by three individuals.

In the video, Rake, whose online professional information notes he has over 17 years of experience, can be seen speaking to his phone camera as a masked man walks beside him, evidently directing him away from the medical center premises. Rake notes:

This is what happens when you stand up for freedom and when you show up to work, willing to work, despite being unvaccinated, and this is the price you have to pay sometimes. But what they don’t realize is that I’m willing to go lose everything — job, paycheck, freedom, even my life for this cause.

As he asks the man escorting him for his name and title, the man twice says, “Don’t come near me” and offers nothing else.

Some folks reading this might wonder why that UCLA Health employee -- who must be jabbed -- felt his jab wouldn't protect him.

Perhaps Rake is worried about the risk of an adverse reaction.

Some might think that Rake has weighed his relative risks and benefits, and that he believes his risk of death from COVID-19 is not sufficient to merit accepting one of the jabs. Perhaps he doesn’t like the fact that the feds have granted legal immunity to the giant corporations that made the jabs, so that he cannot sue them or his UCLA medical system employer should the mandate seem to cause him harm.

Some might speculate that Rake wants to steer clear of the moral or religious guilt he could feel accepting a jab that might have been created through direct or indirect use of HEK cell lines from aborted fetuses.

Curiously, the ABC-TV producer of “Shark Tank” who posted video of Rake, and the DailyKos that later covered it, tied the doctor’s speech to Q-Anon, simply because he recited the lines, “United we stand, divided we fall…” which goes all the way back to the Greek storyteller Aesop, who, as far as can be sussed, was not tied to that aforementioned group.

How about “my body, my choice?” One might ask leftists if Dr. Rake can utilize that phrase. It seems that most leftists like to use it to misrepresent the status of a woman who is pregnant with another human body living in her womb, but not when it actually does apply to a single person making a choice about his or her own life.

Some critics might say, “Rake can make a choice. He doesn’t have to work there.”

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But this misses two final points.

First, this is a mandate that changes the conditions of his employment, possibly contrary to the original work agreement.

Second, even if one believes Dr. Rake is making his own choice and suffering the consequences of that choice, taxpayers connected to this system don’t have a choice. This is a state-funded medical center tied to the University of California, a state-education system subsidized by taxpayers -- taxpayers who already have been forced to pay the feds so that those feds could hand cash to the pharma giants that made these jabs, and hand it to the NIH and CDC and other federal agencies that have not only performed abysmally, but operate without any proper tie to the U.S. Constitution.

How about those who attack Dr. Rake try to recognize that there are millions of others who not only don’t want to be forced to take a government-funded injection, but that they are supposed to be free, supposed to NOT have to pay for jabs or the mandating of them through myriad government-funded, government-run bureaucracies – including UCLA – sprouting like fungus on the dying body of what once was a much freer nation?

Or is freedom just a fable, relegated to the parables of Aesop, and lost to the past, as leftist elites laugh and shower scorn on those who still believe in individual liberty?

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