Lone Leftist Shows Up at Trump Rally & Causes Disturbance, Things Didn't End Well for Her

Nick Kangadis | January 17, 2022
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Oh, leftists. If we get nothing else of value from them, at least the loonier portion of them, they can certainly be entertaining in the worst ways possible. Sure, it’s annoying when they screech in your ear about absolute nonsense that they don’t understand, or when they try to grab someone’s sign or assault someone physically. But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t funny to point and laugh when they do.

One, and I emphasize one, leftist found out the hard way that people aren’t going to just arbitrarily put up with their crap anymore.

The leftist in question thought it was a good idea to show up to former President Donald Trump’s rally in Arizona on Saturday, dressed in President Joe Biden gear, to stir the pot and garner the attention that she apparently so desperately wants and needs.

Well, things didn’t turn out very well for this woman — oops, I hope I didn’t “misgender” her.”

The problem is that leftist outlets and Twitter accounts tried to frame the situation as the woman being arrested merely for saying things people didn’t like, which is not true. Then again, it is the left and they have narratives to uphold.

However, in the video below, the woman could be seen getting in the face of, not only attendees of the rally, but security as well. This woman clearly wanted to be confronted and/or arrested to make it seem as though it happened simply for her being a Beijing Biden supporter.

I mean, that was a two-banger of a video. The woman was hilarious for her tantrum that she was throwing, displaying that it takes the mental acuity of a child to act like that. But, the people responding to her, and not letting her get away with acting like a petulant child, was glorious as well.

Everyone, regardless of political beliefs, deserves to have a platform to be heard. It’s when people like this woman take it upon themselves to accost others at an event that they clearly have no intention of treating with any level of decorum go crazy and try to cause a scene all because they hate their political counterparts — and yes, leftists do hate you if you’re not “on the same page.”

H/T: RedState