London Mayor Sadiq Khan Calls For 'Misogyny' to be Recognized as 'Hate Crime'

Nick Kangadis | March 9, 2020
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If you’re ever in London, don’t you dare say anything that could even be construed as negative towards any one or thing. And if you’re a straight, white and Christian male, forget it. You’re done for.

Left-leaning British publication The Independent reported that London mayor Sadiq Khan made yet another virtue signaling driven pledge during a recent “Women of the World” mayoral debate.

Khan, who proclaimed himself “as a proud feminist,” said he feels that the female gender should be among the protected characteristics to be prosecuted as hate crimes should a woman face any discrimination, criticism or negative action towards them.

The other characteristics that are already protected include “disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or transgender identity.”

Khan would like to see “hate crimes” against sexual orientation or gender prosecuted on the same level as “incidents aggravated by racial or religious hatred.”

Here’s what Khan had to say:

The safety of all Londoners is my first priority and as a proud feminist I find it simply unacceptable that any woman or girl in our city should experience these devastating crimes.

I want all women to feel safe in London, whether they are going to work or enjoying the culture and entertainment that London has to offer. It is time for every Londoner to call out sexist and misogynistic attitudes wherever they encounter them – in the workplace, at school, on the streets or on public transport.

I am proud to support calls to recognize misogyny as a hate crime and for all hate crimes based on protected characteristics to be treated equally.

Talk about Orwellian. London literally has resorted to turning their law enforcement into the “Thought Police.”

While Khan focuses on mean words, London saw 149 people killed in 2019 — the highest total “in more than a decade,” according to The Sun.

For a brief video of some of Khan's comments, watch below: