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London Mayor Sadiq Khan Wants Stricter Penalties for 'Hate Speech' on Social Media


When you’re a Socialist bent on creating a society in which people bend to the will of the government, comments like the ones London Mayor Sadiq Khan should be all that surprising.

Khan spoke to the BBC about being one of the keynote speakers at the 2018 South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas on Monday.

No word on why Khan is slated to speak at the U.S. festival, but “keep Austin weird,” right?

In speaking to the BBC, Khan said that he plans to talk about “hate speech” in the social media landscape and what government needs to do to aid in preventing people from speaking freely.

“We can't assume that tech companies will find the solutions by themselves,” Khan said.

What does a statement like that mean to a radical Leftist like Khan? It means that he thinks government intervention could help social media organizations police speech online.

“For too long politicians and policy makers have allowed this revolution to take place around us and we've had our heads in the sand,” Khan also said.

Spoken like a true Socialist.

What Khan just said essentially translates to, "The government knows best for you, and we’re sorry that places that used to allow free speech have gone unchecked for so long. Don’t worry. The government will protect you.’"\\"

“Germany is an example of where the German government said ‘Enough,” Khan continued. “Unless you take down hate messages, unless you take down fake news, we will fine you.’”

Right! Because Germany is the perfect example of a Socialist “utopia” that works. Oh, wait. That’s right. It’s not.

The two questions that need to be answered are, “Who determines what hate speech is? Can hate speech be objectively and rationally determined for actually being dangerous speech and not just opinions certain people don’t like?

Keep in mind that the things Khan is telling the BBC is also what he will be telling the tech community in the U.S. If we’re not careful, the attack on the First Amendment — including attacks from foreign influence like Khan — will result in American citizens being fined for sharing their opinions.

Just as a frame of reference, other keynote speakers include Atlantic writer Ta-Nehisi Coates, who most recently compared Captain America to former president Barack Obama, and Hollywood cult director Darren Aronosky — who gave us the “rock people” in his 2014 film “Noah.” 

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