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London Bridge Terrorist Was 'Teaching' Kids


A primary school in Ilford, England hired one of the London Bridge terrorists to teach an after school class. The headteacher that made the hire and has since been fired and banned from the classroom for life.

Sophie Rahman hired Khuram Butt as volunteer a "Arabic memorisation teacher," at Eton Community School, which is an independent Muslim school, according to the Sun.

Butt was reportedly telling children things like “the worst creatures are the kuffar (non-believers)” and that they can lie to their parents if “they do not want to upset them” or when “there is a state of war.”

A witness told investigators the “mention of the word war really alarmed me – if that is what Mr. Butt was teaching there is no doubt he was referring to jihad (holy war).”

The last day Butt taught was June 2nd of last year, the next day Butt and other terrorists drove a van into people on London Bridge before launching into a knife rampage around Borough Market.

Officials said "By her failure to safeguard her pupils' interests, Ms. Rahman left them potentially vulnerable to grooming for radicalisation" in the three classes that he taught every week.

According to the Sun:

Amid a string of allegations found proved, the Teaching Regulation Agency panel said Ms Rahman should have known Butt was linked to members of banned terror-group Al-Muhajiroun.

It highlighted the fact the father of her children, who set up the school, had been a member of the group before it was proscribed.

The panel investigating found Rahman guilty of "misconduct of a serious nature" and “unacceptable professional conduct" and she has been barred from teaching for life. She has 28 days to appeal that decision.

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