Local BLM Chapters Release Statement Claiming 'Little to No Financial Support' from 'Global' BLM Organization

Nick Kangadis | December 1, 2020
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With there being enough socialists that make enough noise, most people have heard of the term “champagne socialist” — a term to describe someone who dictates rules or “guidelines,” but doesn’t follow said rules themselves in order to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. But now it appears we also have champagne Marxists, and the rest of the collectivists can’t believe they might have been shortchanged.

Mutliple local chapters of the “Marxist” Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization released a statement claiming multiple issues with the parent Black Lives Matter Global Network (BLMGN), including the undemocratic appointment of "Marxist" BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors to Executive Director and her being “the sole board member of BLMGN.”

The statement’s most inflammatory accusation, of course, came in the form of financial support for local chapters from the “network.”

Financial decisions made up half of the local chapter’s gripe, according to the statement:

4. In our experience, chapter organizers have been consistently prevented from establishing financial transparency, collective decision making, or collaboration on political analysis and vision within BLMGN.

5. For years there has been inquiry regarding the financial operations of BLMGN and no acceptable process of either public or internal transparency about the unknown millions of dollars donated to BLMGN, which has certainly increased during this time of pandemic and rebellion.

6. To the best of our knowledge, most chapters have received little to no financial support from BLMGN since the launch in 2013. It was only in the last few months that selected chapters appear to have been invited to apply for a $500,000 grant created with resources generated because of the organizing labor of chapters. This is not the equity and financial accountability we deserve.

Okay first, if you’ve “received little to no financial support” from your parent organization since its inception, what makes you so surprised about it seven years later? Secondly, how is being able to apply for grant that would give you half-a-million dollars “not the equity and financial accountability we deserve?”

What do you think you deserve anything? And why are these chapters so surprised that an organization founded to make ridiculous demands would shortchange them? They don’t do, they take.

You’d think for people that like to overuse the term “collective” all the time, they’d understand that ideology’s line of thinking never turns out well. That’s communists for you.

Here's a Twitter post from BLM's Washington D.C. chapter, including the statement:

H/T: Daily Caller

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