Lobbyists Having Sex With Politicians Ruled Legal in North Carolina


The state ethics commission in North Carolina has ruled that it is perfectly legal for lobbyists to have sexual relationships with sitting politicians.

The issue in question was brought to the commissions attention when Joal H. Broun, the secretary of state’s lobbying compliance director, sent  them a letter inquiring whether intimate relationships between lawmakers and those who are lobbying them violated ethics laws.

On Friday, the commission released an opinion in which they said they were totally okay with it.

“Consensual sexual relationships do not have monetary value and therefore are not reportable as gifts or ‘reportable expenditures made for lobbying’ for purposes of the lobbying law’s expenditure reporting provisions."

What the commission's decision means is that, unlike gifts between lobbyists and public officials, sex is not a "gift" and therefore does not need to be reported.

When it comes to politics, sex is totally worthless!

While sex is okay, the commission made sure include language in the decision that informed North Carolina lawmakers that having lobbyists buy them a prostitute would be considered a "gift" and must be reported.  The commission also reminded them that this type of activity is highly illegal.

So, while the ruling is sure to raise all sorts of ethical questions at least the  commission has taken a strong stance against buying politicians hookers. That's where they draw the line.  

Hat Tip: Daily Beast

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