Liz Cheney Says She'll Campaign For Dems Against Trump-Supporting Republicans

Brittany M. Hughes | September 27, 2022
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Everyone’s favorite sham Republican Liz Cheney says she’ll actively campaign for Democrats against Trump-supporting Republican candidates, and against Trump himself if he runs as the Republican presidential nominee in 2024.

Surprising exactly no one.

Cheney, who served as Democrats' token Republican on Nancy Pelosi's January 6 committee before soundly losing her Wyoming congressional seat to Trump supporter Harriet Hageman, said she’ll leave the GOP and deliberately stump for leftists to keep Trump from once again winning the presidency – although it’s unclear why anyone would want or need the help of someone who can’t keep their own seat.

“I’m going to make sure Donald Trump, make sure he’s not the nominee,” Cheney said this week. “And if he is the nominee, I won’t be a Republican.”​

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The soon-to-be-former congresswoman added that she’ll “do everything [she] can” to make sure Republican Kari Lake, a Trump supporter, loses her bid for Arizona governor, even if that means actively campaigning for Lake’s Democratic opponent.

To be clear, this means Cheney, a supposed conservative, would rather actively campaign for a political party that supports abortion through nine months of pregnancy, deliberately works to dismantle the Second Amendment, and promotes economy-destroying socialist policies, so long as it means opposing Trump.

Got it.