Literal 'Karen' Demands Target Pay Her $1,000 Bill Through 'Reparations,' Gets Punched by Manager

Nick Kangadis | April 13, 2023
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As I've said many times before, some people are stupid -- I mean, really stupid. And on top of it, stupid people think they're entitled to everything, because no one has told them just how stupid they are before.

Another example of this is Target customer Karen -- go figure -- Ivery.

This genius thought she could just waltz into Target, put $1,000 worth of groceries in her cart that she couldn't afford in the first place and then demand that Target just give the items to her as part of "reparations" for something she never experienced herself.

Unfortunately for Ivery, once the store manager got involved and told her that she couldn't do that, she obviously made it even more about race until she cornered the manager in his office. Well, doing that just got her a knuckle sandwich, because there was nowhere else for the manager to go as Ivery stalked him.

"Physically, I’m okay," Ivery told officers in the video. "Emotionally, I’m very very angry."

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Here's something, Ms. Ivery. No one cares. You thought you could intimidate people into just giving you groceries because of your skin color. Not only does that make you seem desperate, which is unfortunate, but it makes you a racist as well.

"This is my Rosa Parks moment, dude. Don’t play with me," Ivery told officers when talking with her in the manager's office.

According to the Daily Caller:

Ivery went on to accuse officers of “gatekeeping” her, questioning their request for her ID and insisting that she wanted to have a “larger conversation” about money and how it works. “We all know money has not been treating everybody equally,” Ivery stated, arguing that was disadvantaged.

Her intent, she argued, was to open up a larger conversation by asking Target to compensate what she could not pay of her $1,000+ bill. “I know the heart of this place,” Ivery said of the retail store. “[Target] is the right place for me to have this conversation,” she stated in footage obtained by the Daily Caller.


To be fair, Ivery's not far off in her assessment of Target. They were the first mega chain store to acquiesce to trans people who wanted to use whichever bathroom they felt like that day.

But not is all lost. If it's any consolation Ms. Ivery, I'll give you a dollar for "reparations," so that you can call someone who cares.


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