Lindsey Graham Says Jesus Inspired Him to Vote For Kagan

Stephen Gutowski | August 6, 2010
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You know, because of that time that Jesus chemically burned all those tiny children to death before ripping them limb from limb. But I'm sure Jesus would find Kagan to be someone worth voting for because of the golden rule (or something?). Right Lindsey?

“It is called the Golden Rule,” said Graham. “‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ That is probably one of the most powerful statements ever made. It is divine in its orientation, and it is probably something that would serve us all well if we thought about it at moments such as this. "
What an imbecile. Let me make this perfectly clear for Lindsey. You don't vote for judges who support the massacre of innocent children. You don't vote for judges who will completely disregard the constitution in favor of their own ideology.

I assure you Lindsey that Jesus and the founders would find your vote for Kagan just as distasteful as I do. And, yes, if I had make as terrible a decision as you have in this case then I would welcome you talking to me in exactly the same manor as I'm talking to you right now. The golden rule is indeed a powerful thing but it is no excuse to make incredibly poor decisions.

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