Lincoln Project Co-Founder Rick Wilson: '#SeditiousSeventeen' States Supporting Texas Lawsuit 'Are on THE LIST'

Nick Kangadis | December 10, 2020
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Far-left elitists are really ramping up their efforts to try and scare people who don’t think exactly like them into thinking exactly like them. Since the beginning of the never-ending 2020 presidential election, far-left extremists and elitist grifters have warned people about ending up on a “List.” I’m sure everyone is shivering in their boots.

“Never Trump Republican” (i.e. RINO) and co-founder of The Lincoln Project Rick Wilson, the same pseudo-intellectual who denigrated supporters of President Donald Trump on CNN, sent out a tweet Thursday morning calling out the 17 states who filed a brief with the Supreme Court on Wednesday in support of a Texas lawsuit against four states Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden won, claiming they “acted unlawfully by changing their election laws.”

Wilson told his followers to “think again” if they “don’t think the #SeditiousSeventeen are on the List.”

Oooooo! Scary!

In a situation like this, where people are literally putting others on “lists” in order to keep track of them and persecute them for the crime of thinking differently than them, it shouldn’t matter where your political allegiances lie.

You know who has put people on “lists” throughout history? Countries and governments who kill their own people.

If you put people on lists for them doing things you don’t like — that often times doesn’t even affect you — in order to seek some kind of retribution later, you’re a bad person. Simple. You don’t have to like that assessment, but it’s more than fair.

I'll be first in line. Put me on your ignorant, self-righteous lists.

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