Limbaugh Mocks WH's Excuse for Lost Audio of Hollande's 'Islamist Terrorism' Remark

Craig Bannister | April 6, 2016
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In his “Morning Update” video Tuesday, talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh mocked the absurdity of the White House’s response to MRCTV’s exclusive report of how the president’s official website apparently censored the audio of the president of France saying, “Islamist terrorism.”

Limbaugh sarcastically blasts the White House’s explanation that, somehow, the audio had been lost during the recording of Pres. Francois Hollande’s “Islamist terrorism” remark – but, later was "lucky" enough to have a copy of the video with the audio intact "laying around" to post - once the MRCTV story went viral throughout the print, television, and radio media universe.

Here’s the the full transcript of Rush’s “Morning Update,” titled “Un-Glitched,” followed by a brief video clip from the segment:

“On Friday, the Media Research Center reported the Obama Regime removed a video of a joint press event with French President Francois Hollande and Barack Hussein O. At one point, the French president had said, in French: “We’re also well aware that the roots of terrorism, Islamist terrorism, is in Syria and Iraq. We therefore have to act both in Syria and Iraq.”

"Later, the White House reposted the video on its website and YouTube. But something was missing. The words: “Islamist terrorism.” Gone. The translation picked up after the words were uttered and Hollande’s words in French were also somehow muted.

"Naturally, many people inferred that the Regime censored the phrase “Islamist terrorism.” After all, we know Obama, Hillary, and many Democrats won’t use those words.

"But the White House came up with another explanation. A White House official told The New York Post that “a technical issue with the audio during the recording” of Hollande’s remarks – “led to a brief drop in the audio recording” of the translation. Nothing to see here. It was just an unfortunate glitch. A snafu. A hiccup.

"The Regime official claimed that once they were “alerted” to the problem, they posted an updated version of the speech. Which, somehow, managed not to have a “brief drop in the audio recording.” When the words “Islamic terrorism” were uttered.

"It was lucky, I guess, that the White House just happened to have an extra, un-glitched copy laying around.

"By the way, did you hear that most Americans support torture against terror suspects? Just thought I'd throw that in there.”





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