Lilith Fund Creates ‘Emergency Fund’ For Women Who ‘Need’ Abortions After Harvey

ashley.rae | September 1, 2017
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As Houston residents are trying to rebuild their lives after Hurricane Harvey destroyed between 30,000-40,000 homes and has taken 38 lives thus far, one abortion funder is raising money for women who “need” abortions in light of Harvey.

The Lilith Fund, which describes itself as an organization that helps women exercise their “fundamental right to an abortion” by providing financial assistance, is seeking donations - not to help victims of Harvey recover their losses, but for them to have abortions.

In a tweet, the Lilith Fund announced its “emergency fund” for those who want abortions after Harvey:

The donation form was shared by the National Network of Abortion Funds, the National Institute for Reproduction Health, NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, and other abortion supporters and organizations across the country. Each post includes its own rationale as to why they feel it's important to donate for abortions after Harvey:

Romper editor Danielle Campoamor wrote a piece, shared by the Lilith Fund, justifying their fundraising campaign after Harvey. According to Campoamor, in the wake of Harvey, “the already difficult task of procuring a legal abortion in Texas now feels impossible” due to cars being destroyed, clinics being forced to reschedule procedures (because of the flood), and general Texas politics.

So, instead of donating money to causes to help people actually save their lives in the wake of complete and total devastation, you can use your money to help people end the lives of their unborn babies.

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