Liberals Demand Boycott of In-N-Out After Company Donates $25K to the GOP

Brittany M. Hughes | August 30, 2018
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Leftists - including the chair of the California Democratic Party -- are now calling for an all-out boycott of the popular West Coast burger joint In-N-Out because the company just donated to the Republican Party.

Records show In-N-Out Burgers, known for their super-simple menu and old-school diner vibe, donated $25,000 to the California GOP on August 27. Which isn't terribly shocking -- the Huffington Post points out the company also gave the party $30,000 in both 2016 and 2017.

But apparently, this was a brand new revelation to liberals, who are now blowing up Twitter with demands to boycott the fast food chain -- including California Democratic Party Chairman Eric Bauman, who called the restaurant "creeps" and accused them of...betrayal?

But if the left wants to start pointing fingers at companies who donate to political parties and campaigns, perhaps they should first look to their own hypocritical Brutuses.

Microsoft, for example, made the No. 2 spot on former President Barack Obama's top donor list in 2012, contributing more than $815,000 to his second campaign.

In 2014, Google gave nearly twice as much to the Democratic Senatorial Committee (they got ($162,270) than Republicans (who got $99,600).

According to Business Insider, a full 93 percent of Facebook's $2.2 million campaign donations since 2007 have gone to Democrats. Likewise, of the $1.7 million Intel has given to political campaigns over the last decade, Democrats wound up with 73.2 percent. General Electric, IBM, Pfizer, BlackRock, Bank of America, Verizon, Oracle and Cisco have also all disproportionately favored Democrats' campaigns, and by a lot more than $25,000.

Then again, if this boycott ends up anything like the left's campaigns against Chick-fil-a, In-N-Out has nothing to worry about.

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