Liberals Call Trump Racist And Threaten Lawsuits After Admin. Moves To Saves Taxpayers Billions

John Romero | August 13, 2019
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On Monday the Trump administration had issued a ruling to enforce a Clinton-era law that only issues green cards to those who could be financially self-sufficient and have never been dependent on any of the numerous social safety net programs the government provides.

This could end up saving taxpayers billions of dollars, since studies show around 63% of immigrant households are receiving some form of government welfare.

How did liberals respond to this? With the typical calls of racism.

And with the calls of racism now comes the lawfare that both the Attorney Generals of California and New York vow to wage. 

What are they fighting against though? Could it be saving taxpayers the billions that would not be spent on foreign nationals in the US? The reduction in possible future Democrat voters? President Trump stands firmly behind the rule change even with these attacks.