Liberals Attack Fellow Liberal for Renouncing Clinton Support


César Vargas is a liberal writer and activist who has had his works published from Huffington Post to Fox News Latino. He was a Bernie Sanders supporter in the Democratic primaries. He also recently wrote an op-ed in Huffington Post where he renounced his support for Hillary Clinton.

As you can imagine, liberals weren’t too happy about that.

Vargas’ article, entitled “Why I Can No Longer Support Hillary Clinton," details why Vargas felt he had to pull his support, particularly over information that's come out in the recent WikiLeaks dump.

He says that Sanders, and his supporters by extension, was “treated horribly” by Clinton and her allies, and claims Sanders supporters were expected to just “fall in formation” behind Clinton after receiving nothing but contempt from them.

And of course, many liberals took to Vargas’ Twitter feed to voice their displeasure.







Vargas eventually voiced his apparent surprise that while many Clinton supporters were attacking him, there were many Trump supporters who were, as he says, “treating me like I’m a human being.”



Again, liberals pounced.







The good news is, however, that there has also been plenty of support thrown Vargas’ way, even by Trump supporters.







For the record, Vargas is still no fan of Trump and called him a “man-child” in his article. Instead, he simply sums up the situation by telling people to “vote with your conscience. Vote strategically. Or don’t. It’s your prerogative.”

Well said.

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